Meaning of wheelchair user in English:

wheelchair user


  • A person who uses a wheelchair, especially because of physical disability.

    ‘wheelchair users shouldn't have to endure the indignity of being lifted into a vehicle’
    • ‘Peter is a 21-year-old wheelchair user who has never previously written for television.’
    • ‘Once inside, wheelchair users navigate level changes with elevators.’
    • ‘Many wheelchair users have reported they have had near misses whilst crossing level crossings.’
    • ‘The funds will be used to develop the area at the back of the community hall into a recreational area incorporating ramps for wheelchair users.’
    • ‘Nikita has learning difficulties and David is a wheelchair user.’
    • ‘Mik is paraplegic and has been a wheelchair user since childhood.’
    • ‘It can be very difficult for wheelchair users to use these roads.’
    • ‘This roundabout has become virtually impossible to cross for slow moving pedestrians, such as arthritis sufferers and wheelchair users.’
    • ‘The pathways are distinctly marked and have absolutely flat surfaces, so that roller-skaters and wheelchair users can move fast and smoothly.’
    • ‘Horse riding is physiotherapy for wheelchair users.’
    • ‘An interviewee aired the suggestion that all new buses plying in the city should be fitted with a manual lifter enabling a wheelchair user to board a bus.’
    • ‘I am a full time wheelchair user with spina bifida and also have emphysema and osteoporosis.’
    • ‘The wheelchair users moved onto the train's ramps and then refused to move.’
    • ‘All of the characters came to Angela within hours, and the part of Pamela, the wheelchair user sex kitten with whom Bobby has a series of flings, is no exception.’
    • ‘The wheelchair user can swing the desk to one side when moving in and out of the chair.’
    • ‘These new laws end a nine year battle by the disabled lobby to improve bus access for wheelchair users, the blind and the infirm.’
    • ‘There is one wheelchair user among the athletes, so a home that is wheelchair friendly, especially for bathroom facilities, would be particularly welcome.’
    • ‘For disabled visitors there is a designated car park with a bus for wheelchair users, giving access to key parts of the site.’
    • ‘His mobility was severely affected when he contracted polio at the age of 15, and he is now a wheelchair-user.’
    • ‘The trust offers wheelchair-users the chance to enjoy the experience of flying with one-off trips, and the opportunity to gain a private pilot's licence.’