Meaning of wheeler-dealer in English:


(also wheeler and dealer)


  • A person who engages in commercial or political scheming.

    ‘he is a great wheeler-dealer in the corridors of power’
    • ‘For we have had enough of political wheeler-dealers.’
    • ‘Exclusive Some start-ups are comprised of wide-eyed wheelers and dealers with little technical expertise.’
    • ‘By picture's end, Shaw has to navigate a thicket of Chinese organized crime figures, politicos and wheeler-dealers - plus his own traitorous colleagues - to save the day and, not incidentally, his own neck.’
    • ‘He's an example of India's emerging urban middleclass - the wheeler and dealer with a mobile phone.’
    • ‘Three officers spent months working as wheeler-dealers on a market, paying the thieves for mobile phones they had stolen from members of the public.’
    • ‘So his stunt was to prove to his family just what a sharp wheeler-dealer he normally was during office hours.’
    • ‘You are a classic buy-to-let merchant, otherwise known as a wheeler-dealer.’
    • ‘He agreed with Pareto that universal suffrage promoted the corrupt and devious political skills of the flatterer, the wheeler-dealer, and the populist demagogue.’
    • ‘I can imagine the flood of phone calls to the local association and hear the muttered curses and imprecations of massed wheelers and dealers.’
    • ‘The syndicalists despised equally the opportunistic orgmen of the parties and the breezy, compromising wheelers and dealers of business.’
    • ‘The game provides such wheelers and dealers with a profile that would not be forthcoming were they to hook up with similarly sized businesses outside of it.’
    • ‘Would you believe these shrewd, profit-minded wheeler-dealers are pocketing a whopping 100 per cent of the profits on the sales of those puppies?!’
    • ‘This gives you the feeling of actually being there, out there amongst the dusty border towns, amidst the rocks and the hard places, with the wheeler-dealers in shanty tea-stalls.’
    • ‘That said, as a kid I was already a wheeler-dealer.’
    • ‘Once a pure and sincere member of the literati, he is now a superb wheeler-dealer in Shanghai's real estate market.’
    • ‘He could be brash, streetwise, a wheeler-dealer and charming.’
    • ‘The Algerian wheeler-dealer was on the run from the law last week, his business empire in ruins.’
    • ‘The Burnley boss has been an astute wheeler and dealer in the loan market this season, but again finds his resources stretched to the limit for the forthcoming double-header.’
    • ‘He is a general wheeler-dealer, and has dabbled in building materials, engineering and property.’
    • ‘Then she hosted cocktail parties for high-flying business men and low crawling wheelers and dealers, one of whom managed to deal the pair right out of their boat.’
    mediator, arbitrator, arbiter, moderator, go-between, middleman, intermediary, intercessor, interceder, intervener, conciliator