Meaning of wheeler-dealing in English:



See wheeler-dealer

  • ‘His solace was the absorbing, incestuous, wheeler-dealing of local politics: in the council chamber he wasn't the invalid, he was the star.’
  • ‘Also, on average, London Labour councils are getting higher grant increases than Conservative councils, which suggests possible political wheeler-dealing.’
  • ‘Lynn Macgill was amazed to learn how class prejudice and upper-crust wheeler-dealing were rife, especially in setting up Victoria Park.’
  • ‘Horatio Bottomley, the paper's wheeler-dealing first chairman, was flung into jail where, in 1922, an acquaintance found him stitching mail bags.’
  • ‘The carriage had cost £500, bought 30 years ago from a wheeler-dealing butcher in Yeadon, money well spent too, judging by its well-kept condition.’