Meaning of wheelhouse in English:



  • 1A part of a boat or ship serving as a shelter for the person at the wheel.

    • ‘Around 8 a.m. black smoke erupted from the engine room and within three quarters of an hour, the wheelhouse and shelter deck, which went up like an inferno, was gone.’
    • ‘By 5pm that day, after Mayday calls went unanswered, they were forced to abandon ship, torching the wheelhouse as a last-ditch smoke signal and praying it would be seen.’
    • ‘In many scenes filmed of the boat under way, McCook or Layton were in the wheelhouse, out of view or in a lower helm station while Clooney drove the boat.’
    • ‘Salvagers have taken the ship's propeller, navigational gear from the wheelhouse, and cargo.’
    • ‘Interactive displays guide visitors as they observe river traffic through binoculars, use a field guide to identify vessel types, and take the helm in a towboat wheelhouse.’
    • ‘With waves literally passing over the wheelhouse, some fought through seasickness (finding their sea legs) for another day before arriving at Darwin.’
    • ‘I repeated my earlier journey back past the wheelhouse and up the companionway.’
    • ‘The vessel has a forward offset wheelhouse extended to shelter the hauling area.’
    • ‘The first officer, a retired British naval man, regarded Kara and her few belongings with wry amusement as one of the deck hands brought her up to the wheelhouse.’
    • ‘In another separate incident, a youth threw a stone at a different cruise boat last weekend, hitting the side of the wheelhouse.’
    • ‘These chains run along either side of the ship to below the wheelhouse, where they would be pulled by the ship's wheel to turn the rudder.’
    • ‘The Silver Dawn is also equipped with seating inside the wheelhouse and up top on the fly-bridge.’
    • ‘Back in the wheelhouse he was confronted by the huge ship and desperately tried to swing the wheel to head away.’
    • ‘Either side of the wheelhouse, tight against the side of the ship, is the steering cable.’
    • ‘We cut through open remains of stern cabins, the galley and engine room, working up to the wheelhouse, where a large grouper lurks behind the remains of the steering binnacle.’
    • ‘All 14 crewmen - a mix of Indian, Pakistani and Filipino - were on the wheelhouse roof, awaiting rescue.’
    • ‘In the sudden calamity that presaged the sinking, it is possible the skipper or a flying object in the wheelhouse knocked the joystick control to one side.’
    • ‘Yet, even on her final day with her bows blown off back to the wheelhouse, she returned her crew safely to land.’
    • ‘The tailgate opening is 1020 mm, and the load width between the inner wheelhouses is 1048 mm.’
    • ‘Loui had already shed his wet-weather gear and was in the wheelhouse.’
  • 2Archaeology
    A stone-built circular house with inner partition walls radiating like the spokes of a wheel, found in western and northern Scotland and dating chiefly from about 100 BC to AD 100.

    ‘It is apparent from the main concentrations of brochs and wheelhouses on Shetland, Orkney and the Western Isles, that the islands were where people were innovating new styles and building techniques.’
    ‘Only the base and the edges of the wheelhouse walls are left.’