Meaning of wheelie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwiːli/

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  • A trick or manoeuvre whereby a bicycle or motorcycle is ridden for a short distance with the front wheel raised off the ground.

    • ‘a boy cavorted around on a dirt bike doing wheelies’
    • ‘However, you'll still be able to perform donuts, wheelies, or other motorcycle tricks on bikes.’
    • ‘The trick involves doing a wheelie, in which you swing the front wheels from side to side.’
    • ‘The team consists of six daring riders who perform a whole range of stunts from high jumps to wheelies on motorcycles, quad bikes and three-wheelers.’
    • ‘Drag races are a regular event on the stretch and motorcycle riders pulling wheelies and other stunts are a common sight in the late hours.’
    • ‘But witnesses soon came forward who claimed to have seen Kent fall off his motorcycle while popping wheelies on the day in question.’
    • ‘He had scruffy ginger-colored hair, at least one of his knees or elbows was scraped at pretty much any given time, and he'd once popped a wheelie on his bicycle while Bridget watched.’
    • ‘Tomorrow will be even worse, but you can always count on the Aussie Champion to put on a show: on uphill finishes, he never fails to ride a wheelie across the finish line.’
    • ‘The best way to do this is to ride straight up the ramp, lift your front trucks right before they hit the coping, ride a wheelie until your back trucks hit the coping.’
    • ‘Most riders cannot pedal effectively while doing a front wheelie.’
    • ‘On Sunday night last, locals in the village were disgusted to find that boyracers had once again left their mark on the village green areas doing their wheelie, u-turns and digging up the soft ground.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Daniel Larkin from Nagle Community College, Blackrock, Cork, has created a mathematical formula to do the perfect wheelie on a motorbike or bicycle.’
    • ‘Sexton had been crutching the car by raising the wheelie bars.’
    • ‘From within the shroud of smoke a vehicle emerged, popping a large wheelie before falling back onto its front wheel and zooming away.’
    • ‘At 55 mph the front lifts off the ground as the table planes into a wheelie.’
    • ‘The type of person who goes out and speeds and pulls wheelies isn't going to listen to nagging.’
    • ‘Mr Howard departs in the Jag, the square empties and young people he might call ‘yobs’ resume their evening perches, mooching about noisily and doing wheelies on their bikes.’
    • ‘And all the memories of a misspent youth will come tumbling back at you - the tricycle bandit, the wheelies on the bike, the laps in the car around Courtenay Place.’
    • ‘For some reason he doesn't like burnouts, wheelies and handbrake slides into our street.’
    • ‘Two boys suddenly exploded into the square on their bikes, performed some elaborate wheelies and were gone.’
    • ‘It wasn't one of the contenders, but there was lot of footage of them doing wheelies on the thing.’