Meaning of wheelie bin in English:

wheelie bin

(also wheely bin)


informal British
  • A large refuse bin set on wheels.

    • ‘For a fee of about £20 a year, householders could receive a wheelie bin for garden refuse which would go for composting.’
    • ‘I can fit five or six bin bags in my wheelie bin, and I have a large family.’
    • ‘One by one, she held them underwater in the kitchen sink before dumping their bodies in plastic bags in her wheelie bin.’
    • ‘Cr Swientek also wanted to give people garbage bags to store their rubbish while their wheelie bin contained water.’
    • ‘Ryan's body was then wrapped in a bin bag, put in a wheelie bin and wheeled through the streets and dumped on Farnworth golf course.’
    • ‘Every week we had a full recycle bin and newspaper bag as well as a full wheelie bin, which were all collected weekly.’
    • ‘I filled a number of black plastic bin bags with the food and placed them in my wheelie bin.’
    • ‘In one incident in Salford, a fire started in a wheelie bin near a cable box damaged underground cables.’
    • ‘When she was done half an hour later, she discarded the garbage bags in the wheelie bin outside by the garage.’
    • ‘I was told once the green boxes were not emptied because of the weather, but on the same day my grey wheelie bin was emptied along with my white sack.’
    • ‘It is very important that all waste is placed inside your wheelie bin DO NOT put black bags out in the back street.’
    • ‘The council is also supplying houses with a white sack to collect waste paper, and a brown wheelie bin for garden rubbish.’
    • ‘I line my bucket with them and when full of bits and pieces I tie up the last bag and put it in my wheelie bin, keeping the latter clean.’
    • ‘As for the rest of food packagings, well, there is always the wheelie bin.’
    • ‘In any event, if a lid is not closed properly on a wheelie bin, a fox will forage in the bin and the rubbish will still be strewn.’
    • ‘Residents need not worry about what to do with their old bin when it is replaced by their new wheelie bin.’
    • ‘He had spotted the wheelie bin on its side when he came through the garden gate - but did not think anything of it because the weather had been bad overnight.’
    • ‘I leave you with this motto don't be dim, use a wheelie bin.’
    • ‘The fire started in a wheelie bin pushed against a door, and the flames were already starting to spread into the building when the first crew arrived.’
    • ‘I bet eight out ten people, put plastic in their wheelie bin.’


1980s (originally Australian): from wheelie + bin.


wheelie bin

/ˈwiːlɪ bɪn/