Meaning of wheelman in English:



informal North American
  • 1A driver, in particular the driver of a getaway vehicle.

    • ‘One of his accomplices is shot, his wheelman flees with the getaway car, and Charlie races deeper into the bank, trying to evade cops and security guards.’
    • ‘In a July 29th, 1971 robbery of the Banker's Trust, the accused was to act as the wheelman.’
    • ‘Smithson is alleged to have hired them as his gunmen for payment of $5,000 each while Davidson, an associate of Smithson's, was the alleged wheelman.’
    • ‘One loaded it into a dark-coloured car while the wheelman sat at the ready.’
  • 2A cyclist.

    in names ‘the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen’
    • ‘Those early wheelmen didn't have bicycle helmets, but they did wear close-fitting long-visored caps.’