Meaning of wheels within wheels in English:

wheels within wheels


  • Used to indicate that a situation is complicated and affected by secret or indirect influences.

    ‘the wheels within wheels began to turn and efforts were made to have the sentence reduced’
    • ‘Sources tell us that Nine saved itself a big sum thanks to this fortuitous family connection, which adds wheels within wheels within wheels to the story.’
    • ‘Wheels within wheels within wheels, everybody fact-checks every one else, and the truth eventually is found.’
    • ‘Taberah felt dizzy with the complexity, or more accurately, giddy, drunk; he heard wheels within wheels within wheels within wheels.’
    • ‘He gets that sense that nobody really knows what's going on, of wheels within wheels or a wilderness of mirrors.’
    • ‘And as it all unravelled, cosy deals, lax auditing, wheels within wheels, and slippery accounting was exposed.’
    • ‘The Music Box is a perfect distillation of comic character, and it contains wheels within wheels of humiliation for our heroes.’
    • ‘That there are, wheels within wheels, is something that the liberals fail to see.’
    • ‘Omar claims he kidnapped Daniel on his own accord but there are wheels within wheels and one may never come to know the true mastermind behind this kidnapping.’
    • ‘But of course there are wheels within wheels, and who knows which way they're turning?’
    • ‘The foibles and frictions, the political in-fighting and wheels within wheels are the same wherever the spotlights spark up.’