Meaning of wheelsman in English:



North American
  • A person who steers a ship or boat.

    • ‘McGrath says that the duties of wheelsman in those days were of a much more onerous character than now.’
    • ‘The Coast Guard's Board of Inquiry was notified, the wheelsman and all parties involved thoroughly questioned.’
    • ‘He was then mate on the Kitty M. Forbes, wheelsman on the Roumania, and second mate on the W. H. Gilbert.’
    • ‘On the larger ships, he is primarily a wheelsman and maintains the bridge and its equipment in shipshape order.’
    • ‘Medals to officers or wheelsmen are so scarce that it would be difficult to price them.’
    • ‘On the ship's forward end, most of the deckhands, deckwatch and wheelsmen lived in the forecastle, while the mates shared cabins in the stout steel deckhouse.’
    • ‘Captain McDonald, two mates, two wheelsmen and two watchmen, all caught at the bow of the broken vessel, perished trying to ride their make-shift raft to Sand Island.’
    • ‘Both the master and second mate were on deck; and the wheelsman was an able seaman of experience, and the lookout was stationed on the top-gallant forecastle.’
    • ‘It seemed the wheelsman on the icebreaker had spent the majority of another tortured night calling ship-to-shore on the radio.’
    • ‘During this time one of the wheelsmen got aft, securing a few pieces of bread, and came forward again with the mate and boatswain.’
    • ‘Aft we came to meet an audience who had been watching our efforts - called by the wheelsman who considered that both of us had taken leave of our senses.’
    • ‘Soon after the wheelsman saw sparks shooting up between the smokestacks.’
    • ‘He was the senior wheelsman and truly loved sailing.’
    • ‘As a working tug, the John Purves had a crew consisting of: a captain, two mates, three wheelsmen, a chief engineer, three engineers, three wipers and a cook.’
    • ‘A lakeboat's bridge is on the foc'sle head as it would appear, and the spearpole in the lowered position helps the wheelsman to line up the range markers and any other distant object?’
    • ‘As well, they already have the necessary certificates to obtain well-paid jobs as deckhands, wheelsmen or mechanical assistants who one day may become navigation or mechanic officers.’
    • ‘Both the Stephen Austin Golding and the Angie Golding run with a six-person crew: two wheelsmen, two tankermen and two deckhands.’
    • ‘At the captain's table (which was forward) sat the captain, 1st and 2nd mate, chief engineer, 2nd engineer, wheelsmen and watchmen.’