Meaning of wheelspin in English:



mass noun
  • Rotation of a vehicle's wheels without traction.

    ‘traction control cuts engine power as soon as sensors detect wheelspin’
    • ‘The G-series is also outfitted with an electronic stability program designed to intervene in moments of vehicle yaw or wheelspin.’
    • ‘When wheelspin is detected, the power is distributed accordingly to the wheel with most grip.’
    • ‘This allows 170 milliseconds to control wheelspin in the newly selected gear, which Ferrari can argue is part of the gear changing process.’
    • ‘I made a bad start but at the first point I got away ok but then when I got on the throttle I had too much wheelspin and lost one position.’
    • ‘Even if you never go off the road, you will benefit from the extra grip on a slippery surface, eliminating the possibility of wheelspin if you emerge into a stream of traffic in the rain.’
    • ‘Thankfully, some excellent work by the chassis engineers means that there is no sign of wheelspin, often associated with powerful front wheel drive cars.’
    • ‘Traction control, the technical device which helps plant the F1 cars' tyres firmly to the ground and eliminates wheelspin, is back.’
    • ‘If the rear wheels are spinning faster than the front ones, the car is suffering wheelspin, which costs valuable time, and also has the side-effect of damaging the tyres.’
    • ‘People can wheelspin all they like up to 50 kilometres an hour.’
    • ‘The loose gravel start of the short track required the front row to ‘dig in’ to avoid wheelspin.’
    • ‘On Ireland's slippery roads, some care will be needed - all that torque is quite capable of causing wheelspin.’
    • ‘Sordo suffered from excessive wheelspin in his Citroen C2 and spent the session making changes to try to limit the loss of traction.’
    • ‘Tom got a little too much wheelspin at the start, held his position through the first corner and then got boxed on the outside through Cascades.’
    • ‘At the beginning, it was pretty wild - there were puddles on the straightaways, so a lot of aquaplaning and wheelspin.’
    • ‘On most cars of this level of power, this would mean near-instant wheelspin, car spin and general unpleasantness.’
    • ‘Jenson, who started eighth, then got too much wheelspin away from the line and lost several positions on the run to the first corner.’
    • ‘Hard compound rubber combats wear but reduces grip, which in turn generates wheelspin and therefore more wear.’
    • ‘The roads are abrasive and there is so much acceleration out of corners that there is always the danger of excessive wheelspin.’
    • ‘Unfortunately on the restart, I had a lot of wheelspin which allowed Michael to take the slipstream and get past.’
    • ‘I'm sure it looked dramatic, with lots of wheelspin, but I lost position against some of the other cars.’