Meaning of wheezer in English:



See wheeze

  • ‘There was no difference in the frequency of allergic sensitization at age 3 between never wheezers and children with late-onset wheeze.’
  • ‘This finding is consistent with data showing that the persistent wheezers represent one third of the children who wheezed and are those who showed a deterioration of the pulmonary function over time.’
  • ‘However, because of the inclusion criteria in the questionnaire, transient wheezers should not have been labeled asthmatic in our study population.’
  • ‘A British study showed that young wheezers and subjects with asthma have a higher prevalence of snoring compared with subjects without asthma.’
  • ‘Subjects with at least three episodes of wheezing were defined as recurrent wheezers and as having asthma if the episodes were doctor verified.’