Meaning of when one's ship comes in in English:

when one's ship comes in

(also when one's ship comes home)


  • When one's fortune is made.

    ‘The right honourable gentleman opposite is a very naughty man, and he will laugh on the other side of his face when my ship comes in.’
    • ‘She's the kind of real life gal who'll buy you a beer, let you cry on her shoulder and be the first one to give you a high-five when your ship comes in.’
    • ‘Uptown girl, you know I can't afford to buy her pearls, but maybe someday when my ship comes in, she'll understand what kind of guy I am.’
    • ‘But my worst fear - echoing my elder daughter's prediction that ‘Dad, when your ship comes in you'll be at the airport!’’
    • ‘I remember hearing my parents talk about how much better life would be when their ship came in, but I never knew whether or not they really expected it to happen.’
    • ‘Even people who were flat broke got in on the action when brokers lent them the money to buy shares, in the belief that when their ship came in, they'd share the ride.’