Meaning of whenever in English:



  • 1At whatever time; on whatever occasion (emphasizing a lack of restriction)

    ‘you can ask for help whenever you need it’
    • ‘They think they can do or say whatever they want, whenever they want but they are wrong because I plan to fight every step of the way.’
    • ‘There would no longer be any need to scheduling, as anyone could watch whatever they wanted whenever they wanted.’
    • ‘You don't need to spend half a grand on it, just whatever you can, whenever you can.’
    • ‘You have the ability to do whatever you want whenever you want to and not let anyone get in your way and stop you!’
    • ‘We enjoyed bruschetta so much that we kept ordering it whenever the occasion arose.’
    • ‘They can increase their salaries whenever they feel like it - to whatever they want.’
    • ‘IDE allows the chip make to do whatever they want to your computer, whenever they want to.’
    • ‘She reserves the right to be whatever she needs to be whenever she needs to be it, as she sees fit.’
    • ‘History tells us that whenever the State has failed to perform this role, the roles are reversed.’
    • ‘Would you like an advantage over your golf opponents whenever it's warm, humid or raining?’
    • ‘We're confident going into the replay because, whenever we're at home we're pretty confident.’
    • ‘He suggests that we think we ‘can opt in and out whenever we want to and to hell with the consequences’.’
    • ‘I work in a busy office and whenever there is a bout of colds or flu going round, I always seem to get it.’
    • ‘As a result, almost 70 per cent admit trying to get out of sports lessons whenever possible.’
    • ‘With this year dominated so much by the war, diversions were welcomed whenever they presented themselves.’
    • ‘Even now, approaching 60, the team of engineers still joke about his desire to test whenever he can.’
    • ‘In fact, we grab short breaks whenever we can - we're hopping on discount airlines all the time.’
    • ‘Then they can go to another court, a secret court, that more or less has to give them a warrant whenever they ask.’
    • ‘Which is why we try to break news whenever we can if a story merits the attention.’
    • ‘I could travel by whim, whenever and wherever I please, with no fixed plans and no cares.’
    1. 1.1Every time that.
      ‘the springs in the armchair creak whenever I change position’
      • ‘Full power is available whenever needed by pressing the pedal to the kick-down position.’
      • ‘This, he swore, was due to positioning his cap at the rear of the animal whenever it lifted its tail.’
      • ‘They gifted two killer tries, defended their line badly and failed to execute whenever they got into a good position.’
      whenever, every time

interrogative adverb

  • Used for emphasis instead of ‘when’ in questions, typically expressing surprise or confusion.

    ‘whenever shall we get there?’
    • ‘She enjoys the organized chaos that erupts whenever filming pauses for a commercial break.’
    • ‘We must be prepared for them to strike whenever and however they can.’
    • ‘So whenever possible I go to the post office forty minutes walk further from home.’
    • ‘Jim opted for a vertical format with the ads soaring upward on the page whenever feasible.’
    • ‘Their free time is limited and whenever possible they use it to spend with their daughter.’
    • ‘I very much hope that you might feel able to come along whenever convenient to you, have a cup of’
    • ‘He can win whenever and however he wants, but the people on the roadside have stopped cheering.’
    • ‘Bose and Home show mathematically that whenever one electron is detected in each path, they will be entangled.’
    • ‘Paine's memory was revered whenever social equality was put back on the political agenda.’
    • ‘But nor can they be held to account whenever scientific findings are used inappropriately.’
    • ‘In Zambia we have had decades of the pro-market policies that are bolted on whenever free trade is mentioned.’
    • ‘Mike was a familiar figure whenever ordinary people were fighting back.’
    • ‘This creates an illusion that is shattered whenever adverse effects however rare are brought to light.’
    • ‘In fact, many people eagerly follow the weather forecasts whenever bad weather is looming.’
    • ‘Its seems that whenever English fans misbehave a big stick of disqualification is waved about.’
    • ‘This sort of saving can be made whenever marginal abatement costs are not equal.’
    • ‘In any case, such would already be the ideal whenever daimonic love is suppressed.’
    • ‘Foes Racing is a name which springs to mind whenever big bikes and big forks are mentioned.’
    • ‘It still had to start somewhere and God was behind it whenever and however it happened!’



    or whenever
    • Or at any time.

      ‘if you lay eyes on him, either tonight or tomorrow or whenever, call me straight away’
      • ‘Procrastination leads to crushing pressure as you realise the night before deadline that your essay is due at 4 pm or whenever tomorrow.’
      • ‘Likewise, should it have been the same sentiments shared in Caprivi, nothing tomorrow or whenever can stop their call for something different.’
      • ‘All right, let's fast forward to tomorrow morning, or whenever the dust settles.’
      • ‘Since another motivating factor for the payouts was to trim the size of the Cabinet, hopefully this will become a reality next week, or whenever the President makes his announcements.’
      • ‘Workers can pay money into an investment account weekly, monthly or whenever they can, accumulating a portable pension fund.’
      • ‘There were times when I would fly out to L.A. and see him, or whenever he'd be in Philadelphia, we'd hang out.’
      • ‘Gargling with a herbal mouth wash morning and night after cleaning your teeth, or whenever needed will also help to eliminate bad breath.’
      • ‘Find some time for oneself every day - in the morning, evening or whenever they can spare some time - to exercise or to walk.’
      • ‘Everything else goes up for us, but we don't get any more for our milk than we did two months ago or whenever.’
      • ‘We really cannot punt this thing until next March or whenever after the election.’