Meaning of whereabouts in English:


Pronunciation /wɛːrəˈbaʊts/ /ˈwɛːrəbaʊts/

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interrogative adverb

  • Where or approximately where.

    • ‘whereabouts do you come from?’


treated as singular or plural
  • The place where someone or something is.

    ‘his whereabouts remain secret’
    • ‘In the meantime, Chu's whereabouts remain unknown although rumor have it that he could be in China.’
    • ‘Detectives visited his residence at midnight on Thursday but his whereabouts remained unknown on Friday night.’
    • ‘Meanwhile City Hall looked quiet on Thursday and Sutiyoso's whereabouts was unknown.’
    • ‘He explained how his father had fled the country two years earlier and his whereabouts were unknown.’
    • ‘His present whereabouts are unknown, but it is acknowledged that he gave a statement to US interrogators.’
    • ‘His whereabouts are unknown, though China insists that he is quietly continuing his studies in a secret location.’
    • ‘His whereabouts are still unknown at the time of going to press.’
    • ‘However, Percy decided to fly off early on Saturday morning, and his whereabouts are currently unknown.’
    • ‘If anyone knows of his whereabouts in the region please let me know.’
    • ‘Families in Mayo are now enquiring about their love ones and their whereabouts in the city.’
    • ‘This means that to keep track of the whereabouts of your teenager, it is enough to buy him or her a cell phone.’
    • ‘I spent a lot of time judging the atmosphere and the whereabouts of guards.’
    • ‘That could depend on whether her whereabouts became public knowledge, he said.’
    • ‘It may help the police authenticate suspects' alibis, by tracking the whereabouts of their mobile phones.’
    • ‘His last known whereabouts were in the Chandigarh area of the Punjab.’
    • ‘Officers obtained a replica from the supplier and have asked the public to call them if they know of its whereabouts.’
    • ‘Kabila was believed to be in the country on Sunday, but his whereabouts were unclear.’
    • ‘Neighbours alerted the police after becoming concerned about her whereabouts.’
    • ‘The fate and whereabouts of Hussein himself are currently unknown.’
    • ‘His most prolific discovery was the whereabouts of one of the people who planned the Final Solution, Adolf Eichmann.’
    location, position, site, place, situation, locality, spot, point, placement, locale, neighbourhood, vicinity
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