Meaning of whereat in English:


Pronunciation /wɛːrˈat/

relative adverb & conjunction

archaic, formal
  • At which.

    ‘they demanded an equal share in the high command, whereat negotiations broke down’
    • ‘The Guardian's weekly supplement, which bears the portentous title Society, is the font of public-sector employment, the spring whereat the civic-minded slake their thirst for righteous subsidy.’
    • ‘Bernard Pendle also testified that, one night, ‘he heard a scrabbling at the window, whereat he then saw Susanna Misson come in, and jump down upon the floor.’’
    • ‘A latch member is pivotally mounted on one of said flared end portions and is spring biased to a first position whereat it straddles the spaced apart brackets and closes off the rod receiving pocket.’
    • ‘Some of the blacktrackers in the South Australian Police Force are rigged in smart uniforms a la white troopers, whereat the said troopers are kicking.’