Meaning of wherein in English:



  • 1relative adverb In which.

    ‘the situation wherein the information will eventually be used’
    • ‘Every few weeks, we would always run into a situation wherein we'd end up fighting.’
    • ‘The Web is an information-based medium wherein the message is conveyed by means of text, as well as graphics, sound and animation.’
    • ‘It is a specific portrayal of the schedule network of a project wherein an additional piece of information is added.’
    • ‘However, Sutley has created a platform wherein his actors can create fully realized and rounded yet ambiguous characters.’
    • ‘The event is being played on a unique system of preliminaries leading to knockout stage wherein eight players have been divided in to two groups.’
    • ‘First of all what was the crisis in Gujrat that an assembly wherein the ruling party enjoyed comfortable majority by itself had to be dissolved?’
    • ‘For anyone still to be besotted by it in his sixties bespeaks a truly weird dedication to teenage culture, wherein almost nothing of importance is ever done or said.’
    • ‘It was hoped that an alliance would be established wherein trust and respect would be shared.’
    • ‘Input from the corporate world, wherein lies untapped financial support, is sorely lacking in the struggling communities.’
    • ‘I said nothing, knowing full well wherein the problem lie, his attitude.’
    • ‘But this, I then panic, is nothing but is bitchy of me, wherein lies the discomfort.’
    • ‘It has already been shown wherein the socialist patterns of Russia and Germany differ.’
    • ‘Weapons and armour that can be upgraded have a different number of slots, wherein the skills or items can be implemented.’
    • ‘This differs from the protocol described above, wherein the new target was never a distractor.’
    • ‘This is quite different from a view of theosis wherein the divine agent divinizes, transforms, the human agent!’
    • ‘This a tragic misunderstanding of wherein the threat to the rule of law lies.’
    • ‘One might then wonder wherein lies the affinity of new economic geographers for his work.’
    • ‘An account of knowledge should illuminate sceptical arguments and show wherein lies their force.’
    • ‘And it is in the elicitory processes of both personal attachment and detachment wherein social agency lies.’
    • ‘The action moves at a fast pace from beginning to end, complete with cinematic camera angles, wherein lies my biggest beef.’
  • 2interrogative adverb In what place or respect?

    ‘so wherein lies the difference?’
    • ‘May it not be asked wherein lie the peculiar differences between an essentially Jewish and essentially Christian outlook?’
    • ‘In short, wherein lies the passage from space demon to fin-de-siècle smiley-face?’
    • ‘But wherein lies the essential problem of postmodern philosophy?’
    • ‘So wherein lies the greatest value of a meticulous catalogue of this sort?’
    • ‘Now wherein - whether in 1948 or today - lies the appeal of all this?’