Meaning of whereupon in English:



  • Immediately after which.

    ‘he qualified in February, whereupon he was promoted to Sergeant’
    • ‘They all pay their money and are immediately blindfolded, whereupon they are asked to make polite conversation with the person next to them.’
    • ‘England didn't enter the World Cup until 1950, whereupon we were immediately instilled as favourites.’
    • ‘It lowered its head and the boy spoke to him softly, whereupon it immediately was tamed.’
    • ‘Then he attended to another patient and when he returned I assented to the extraction whereupon he gave me a local anaesthetic.’
    • ‘They were scared off after a passing motorist sounded his horn, whereupon the victim carried on to the doctors and received medical attention.’
    • ‘He was beaten until he lay writhing helplessly on the ground, whereupon his captors doused his body with kerosene and set it ablaze.’
    • ‘These were decorated by children, then glazed and fired, whereupon they were incorporated into a mosaic of community creativity.’
    • ‘Now, like Cinderella, all they need is a ticket to have a ball, whereupon Linda chances across a mislaid handbag with four tickets inside.’
    • ‘I found some food and fed the wolf, whereupon he vanished into the shadows.’
    • ‘Then, his body was put into a barrel filled with cement, whereupon he was dumped into the ocean off Brooklyn.’
    • ‘The driver guns it and launches the behemoth into the air like a flying elephant, whereupon it crashes back down on the wrecked cars.’
    • ‘When that did not work they wound up the spring in his back with a key and set him loose solo, whereupon he succeeded in looking like a mechanical toy.’
    • ‘We drove from Los Angeles for three days to reach Portland, whereupon I flew back down here to go to work.’
    • ‘Congress modified the law to meet Lincoln's objections, whereupon he signed it.’
    • ‘I was instructed to vote for two candidates, whereupon I looked at the ballot sheet and found there were only three people standing.’
    • ‘He gets out, gives a hefty shove, whereupon the car springs into life and performs a perfect arc across the main road before coming to rest against a tree.’
    • ‘Tamino is discovered by servants to the Queen who show him a picture of the princess, whereupon in true opera style he falls instantly in love with her.’
    • ‘Her mother, in solidarity, burst into tears, whereupon we were ushered into a side room, given a cup of tea and money was found to get us back to the hotel.’
    • ‘Eventually he began sobbing and praying for a miracle, whereupon a lone figure on a jet ski appeared.’
    • ‘You follow her through some dark curtains whereupon you are handed a cup of fresh, strong coffee and steered towards a seat in front of a small screen.’