Meaning of whey-faced in English:



  • (of a person) pale, especially as a result of ill health, shock, or fear.

    ‘a whey-faced maid answered the door’
    • ‘In the floor-to-ceiling mirror by our table, I saw how we looked: two whey-faced tourists from the far north among the permanent tans of the Southern Californians.’
    • ‘So what were these whey-faced poseurs actually doing in the Eighties?’
    • ‘Only his big brown eyes were visible as he roared off from the pits, and one of them, I could have sworn, was fixed on me, his whey-faced passenger, as he hurtled towards the first bend at 150 mph.’
    • ‘Jeremy Legat, a recent drama-school graduate, is quite outstanding as a homeless, whey-faced teenager who struts around brandishing a stolen cutlass.’
    • ‘Inside a room, known as The Room, whey-faced men in drab suits sit in cubicles pushing paper about.’
    • ‘But back in the real world it is all too easy to see why women who are whey-faced and washed-out with the practical demands of ‘having it all’ might find the idea of marrying a rich man very attractive indeed.’
    • ‘He has assembled a somewhat spunkier bunch than Gilbert's parade of whey-faced pushovers.’
    • ‘Are there any whey-faced American singer song-writers who don't hate the President?’
    • ‘His singing voice is perilously thin and his whey-faced, wire-spectacled appearance suggests a long time spent indoors.’
    • ‘On TV he saw a whey-faced apparatchik, a man who earned more money in one year than Angus could hope to earn in a life-time.’
    pale, pasty-faced, pasty, wan, drained, washed out, drawn, pallid, colourless, anaemic, bloodless, whey-faced, ashen, ashen-faced, ashy, grey, pinched, sickly, sallow, as white as a ghost, as white as a sheet, deathly pale, cadaverous, corpse-like, ill-looking, sickly-looking