Meaning of which is which in English:

which is which


  • Used to convey that it is difficult to distinguish between two or more people or things.

    ‘there is no confusion as to which is which’
    • ‘And that can make it hard to distinguish which is which.’
    • ‘The writers suggest ways to distinguish which is which in any given congregation.’
    • ‘I can't recall offhand which is which (though you could figure it out.’
    • ‘I'm just having trouble figuring out which is which!’
    • ‘I keep getting them mixed up, and I have to concentrate to remember which is which, and it's annoying.’
    • ‘I'll let you figure out which is which, it's not much of a puzzler.’
    • ‘By the time you're done mixing it all together, it's hard to tell which is which.’
    • ‘The interrogator talks to both via a teletype machine, and his goal is to figure out which is which.’
    • ‘I can, like the animals on the farm, no longer tell which is which.’
    • ‘One is for a gift and one is for a service, but I can never remember which is which.’