Meaning of whichaway in English:


interrogative adverb

informal, dialect US
  • 1In which direction?

    • ‘Here came Little Pearl, jumping and dancing and running every whichaway like a thousand hornets were on him.’
    • ‘I pushed the line release every whichaway and nothing.’
    • ‘The darn thing had inlays, a hand crank, a whirling wheel, strings going every whichaway, a keyboard, tuning pegs, bridges, and even the carved wooden figurehead of a woman peering up at our awestruck mugs.’
  • 2How? in which way?

relative adverb

informal, dialect US
  • However; in whatever way.


    every whichaway
    US informal, dialect
    • In a disorderly fashion.

      ‘books are skewed and lounge against one another every whichaway’
      • ‘No more making everything a zillion times more complicated than it has to be, no more flinging blame for her mistakes every whichaway like so much monkey manure!’
      • ‘Then I got home and had an email from Friendster - some guy I don't know, although he lives in Brooklyn and I'm connected to him every whichaway.’
      • ‘It was to be regretted, he would admit if questioned, that the table flipped sideways, causing all those plates and their children to fly every whichaway.’