Meaning of Whiggery in English:




See Whig

  • ‘Many dinners were hosted and attended by well-known left-wingers, and the stage was set for the revival of Whiggery on the British political landscape.’
  • ‘The second paragraph defines the Torygraph conception of Whiggery, ‘the traditional Whig principle of upholding our constitutional settlement.’’
  • ‘Coningsby celebrates the new Tories of the ‘Young England’ set, whose opposition to Whiggery and whose concern at the treatment of the poor and the injustice of the franchise is strongly reflected in the narrative.’
  • ‘It is remarkable - though not surprising - that this reassertion of Whiggery came through the pens of two members of the old aristocratic establishment.’
  • ‘That is the only way one can deal with Whiggery, and I implore all decent-thinking, true Americans to heed my urgent call to arms!’