Meaning of whip aerial in English:

whip aerial

(also whip antenna)


  • An aerial in the form of a long flexible wire or rod with a connection at one end.

    • ‘The request for new super-elastic nickel-titanium alloy wire as a whip antenna on small bird, bat, and reptile radio tags is bound to gain you respect from that transmitter manufacturer!’
    • ‘The limit is.25 mv/m (millivolts/meter) of signal strength into a quarter wave antenna (roughly what you've got with a typical whip antenna on your car) at 3 meters from the transmitting antenna.’
    • ‘The T - 64K command variant has an additional whip antenna and a 10-meter antenna mast which can be erected in the center of the turret using guy wires.’
    • ‘On the stone soil, the whip antenna's efficiency is reduced 1.5-2.5 times (as compared to white alkali soil surfaces).’
    • ‘In this photo, this P51B had a Malcolm hood installed and a whip antenna!’
    • ‘Lance Adlam says he owned a blue Morris Minor car with a big whip aerial.’
    • ‘The radio unit is generally connected to a 4.5dB UHF whip antenna.’
    • ‘Unless you need to receive signals from all directions, whip antennae will put your wireless system at a disadvantage.’
    • ‘Constructed of a highly-polished metal alloy; 80 cm in diameter and equipped with two, 3 m and two 1.5 m whip antennae.’
    • ‘In turn, this is surmounted by a forest of whip aerials, fringes, mirrors and horns - plus a hood-full of chromed horses wobbling on springs.’
    • ‘The transmitters had a 14 cm whip antennae that angled slightly upward from the tail.’