Meaning of whip graft in English:

whip graft


  • (in horticulture) a simple graft in which both stock and scion are cut diagonally.

    • ‘The joined area is not as long and as sturdy as your regular tongue and whip graft nor the cleft graft.’
    • ‘Fully grown trees may be topworked by crown or groove bark graft, or prune hard and whip graft sprouts later.’
    • ‘For a whip graft, use a cut identical to the one used on the rootstcok, and of identical length.’
    • ‘The simplest method to hold whip grafts together, and the best in my opinion, is masking tape.’
    • ‘While other types of grafts depend on the bark slipping well, the whip graft does not.’
    • ‘Paul recommends whip grafts, noting there is no need to tar the grafts against desiccation.’
    • ‘If stock and scion are almost similar in size, the whip graft is especially useful.’
    • ‘I either used whip grafts or cleft grafts, with a couple bark and bud grafts thrown in.’
    • ‘A whip graft consists of making a single angled cut through both the rootstock and the scionwood.’
    • ‘Although whip grafts use more scion wood than budding does, they allow the grafted plant to develop more rapidly.’
    • ‘It may also be used for topworking trees that can't be easily grafted with cleft or whip grafts.’
    • ‘At bottom left, asphalt grafting compound is applied to a completed whip graft to prevent wood tissues from drying out.’
    • ‘We are working on the whip graft and hope to have it posted it soon.’
    • ‘Firm moist topsoil around the whip graft to prevent drying.’
    • ‘Side-tongue grafts and whip grafts when well made and the union, including the entire scion, coated with paraffin, succeeded with little difficulty.’
    • ‘The triangle, cleft and whip graft joints are less susceptible to blight, since their surfaces close rapidly, making a perfect weld between the scion and stock, also minimizing desiccation.’
    • ‘While the whip graft is relatively simple in principle, it requires considerable skill in preparation in order to insure good cambium contact.’
    • ‘If you want to try some whip grafts later then read up on JoeReal's superb propagation tutorials in the Citrus Growers’
    • ‘The whip graft is fairly easy and heals rapidly.’
    • ‘I've tried bud grafts, whip grafts and cleft grafts, all with the same bad results.’