Meaning of whip pan in English:

whip pan


  • A camera panning movement fast enough to give a blurred picture.

    ‘Beyond the fantastic title sequence (pay close attention to shot of the Lady Luck Casino) and opening tracking shot, the film is all whip-pans and quick zooms, crane shots and still images, deep focus and forced perspectives.’
    • ‘This sequence is where Tarantino gets his style-stealing freak on, borrowing the whip-pans and smash-zooms popular in martial arts films of the '70s.’


(also whip-pan)
[no object]
  • Pan quickly to give a blurred picture.

    ‘With each successive feature, Tony Scott's MTV-inspired style, which includes jump-cuts, whip-pans, and all sorts of other herky-jerky camera tricks, grows more extreme.’
    • ‘Here is a world that jumps from the intensity of extreme close-ups to sudden whip-pans and boundless wide-shots, reflecting the disjointed, seemingly irrational perspective of the child.’
    • ‘But there are others which take you into the thick of war, such as one in which a cameraman is filming from a vantage point, whip-panning to catch explosions he clearly has no idea are coming.’
    • ‘Not everything is languid, much of the film is naturalistic, but some of the lead actors' conversations are followed with tennis-match whip-pans conveying the underlying tension of their budding affair and how much they have at stake.’