Meaning of whip scorpion in English:

whip scorpion


  • An arachnid that resembles a scorpion, with a long slender tail-like appendage, living in leaf litter and under stones in tropical and semi-tropical regions.

    Order Uropygi

    • ‘Young whip scorpions have reddish pedipalps and striped legs; the adults are uniformly brownish.’
    • ‘The ‘whip’ that gives the whip scorpions their common name, is sensory in nature, not a defensive organ.’
    • ‘Although they have two small eyes, whip scorpions rely on their first pair of legs to help feel their way around.’
    • ‘Species of whip scorpions range from small, light colored kinds about 3 or 4 mm long to the huge, black M. giganteus that may be almost 3 inches long.’
    • ‘Despite their foreboding appearance, whip scorpions are harmless to humans.’