Meaning of whip snake in English:

whip snake


  • Any of a number of slender fast-moving snakes which often feed on lizards and catch their prey by pursuing it.

    a harmless snake found in Eurasia, America, and Africa (Coluber and other genera, family Colubridae, including the Eurasian C. viridiflavus). and a venomous Australian snake (Desmansia and other genera, family Elapidae, including the widespread D. psammophis).

    • ‘The two native Glass Lizards of Kerkyra occur often together with whip snakes all over the island.’
    • ‘The only snakes I have come across in any number are whip snakes in the long grass by the roads.’
    • ‘While there I learned that a species of whip snake had been caught and brought in by a customer.’
    • ‘Whilst it can reach over a metre in length, most whip snakes are smaller than this.’
    • ‘The black whip snake, Demansia atra (family Elapidae), is an olive-brown snake, varying in colour from quite light to very dark (almost black).’