Meaning of whip someone/something into shape in English:

whip someone/something into shape

(also knock someone/something into shape)


  • Act forcefully to bring someone or something into a satisfactory or desired state.

    ‘the bank were eager to whip the company into shape for eventual sale’
    • ‘He is determined his team hits the ground running from day one this season so he's devised a vigorous training regime to whip his players into shape.’
    • ‘But then their job was to judge people who had no idea what they wanted to do and then send them out to companies or jobs where we could be knocked into shape by the system.’
    • ‘This time, the York College employee will put a bunch of self-confessed ‘bad lads’, aged 18 to 24, through their paces in an attempt to see if four weeks of a strict 1950s regime can lick them into shape.’
    • ‘He told the Guardian later: ‘We are knocking the system into shape so that we can set up powerful departments similar to those in Scotland.’’
    • ‘He was one of a handful of guest directors Mr. Kent brought in over the course of the school year to whip us into shape.’
    • ‘There is less of a crowd for August but they soon whip the assembled mass into shape.’
    • ‘He asked me for help with knocking his portfolio into shape, in order to pull up the weeds, cut his management charges and boost his returns.’
    • ‘I'm just curious about whether he has whipped the office into shape yet.’
    • ‘There's no five minute or 10 minute secret workout that can whip you into shape.’
    • ‘Basically the producers got together some borderline ‘celebrities’ and teamed them up with professional ballroom dancers who then had to whip them into shape.’