Meaning of whip something up in English:

whip something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Stimulate a particular feeling in someone.

    ‘we tried hard to whip up interest in the products’
    • ‘There's just a bunch of activists whipping up needless hysteria.’
    • ‘But every time governments and the media have whipped up such hysteria it has boosted racism.’
    • ‘Historical personalities, like Shivaji, have also been used to whip up regional sentiments.’
    • ‘The attempts to whip up public sentiment against teachers have, however, fallen flat.’
    • ‘A media frenzy followed that whipped up fear and outrage against the Maori people.’
    stimulate, rouse, arouse, stir up, work up, wake, waken, awaken, quicken, inspire, call forth, bring into being, call into being, draw forth, bring out, excite, evoke, whet, stir, provoke, spur, fire, inflame, trigger, prompt, induce, encourage, actuate, activate, touch off, spark off, set off, set going, incite, promote, engender, generate
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  • 2Make or prepare something, typically food, very quickly.

    ‘I joined my mother in the kitchen to whip up a batch of cakes’
    • ‘It's a busy kitchen where speed is of the essence and this creation was whipped up faster than you can say pan-seared fish with herb, garlic and cheese sauce!’
    • ‘Tell the executive chef your recipe and he whips it up for you.’
    • ‘‘Sure,’ he answered, ‘point me to the kitchen, and I'll whip something up for us to eat.’’
    • ‘I had so-called Spanish omelette in mind, but couldn't even be bothered to start looking for recipes, so I just whipped something up.’
    • ‘Not quite a master chef, but give me some ingredients and I'll whip something up.’
    • ‘You may think whipping up a batch of healthful muffins is a time-consuming endeavor.’
    • ‘And for our family, holidays are not complete without whipping up traditional batches of persimmon cookies.’
    • ‘It's not always on the menu, but the friendly staff will be happy to whip you up a BLT on home-made crusty bread provided the ingredients are in stock.’
    • ‘This time he whipped us up some chunky soup with beef and vegetables and noodles.’
    • ‘I make little tarts with a nice buttery pastry whipped up in the food processor.’