Meaning of whipbird in English:



  • A long-tailed Australian songbird of the logrunner family, with a call like the crack of a whip.

    Genus Psophodes, family Orthonychidae: two species

    • ‘I did not expect to see a noisy scrub-bird, a western bristlebird or a western whipbird.’
    • ‘There is a small, peaceful valley in Upper Brookfield where the creek still runs clear, the rainforest overhangs the creek and the whipbirds call to their mates with a long, resounding crack.’
    • ‘I've heard it said that the hardest Australian bird to see is the western whipbird, but I reckon the black-eared miner must come a close second.’
    • ‘Paradise Australian-style is miles of pristine sand, whipbirds at dawn and a flotation tank just across the road.’