Meaning of whiplike in English:



See whip

  • ‘Rays and skates have a cartilaginous skeleton with wide depressed bodies, whip-like tails and well-developed pectoral fins that are fused to their head.’
  • ‘The tip of his long, whip-like tail flicked lazily beside him.’
  • ‘The whip-like snap of a small-caliber flintlock is a lovely sound.’
  • ‘The dog just stood there panting and wagging his whip-like tail.’
  • ‘Its long, whip-like tail was twitching contentedly, and it looked extremely relaxed.’
  • ‘His father jumped down from one of the branches hidden by the whip-like vines.’
  • ‘It is a whip-like weapon with a serrated spike on the end of a metallic rope.’
  • ‘The long cords of her whip-like weapon pierced through her enemies' armor and skin.’