Meaning of whiptail wallaby in English:

whiptail wallaby


  • A wallaby with a very long slender tail and a distinctive white facial stripe, native to woodlands of north-eastern Australia.

    Macropus parryi, family Macropodidae

    • ‘The only negative effect of the whiptail wallaby on humans is that in developed areas the wallaby may be intrusive.’
    • ‘On your walks, keep your eyes open for whiptail wallabies and wonga pigeons.’
    • ‘The whiptail wallaby is the most social of all marsupials.’
    • ‘During hot weather, whiptail wallabies feed in the early morning and late afternoon, resting in the shade during the hot midday.’
    • ‘Other species like the grey kangaroo, the wallaroo, the parma wallaby, the whiptail wallaby, the brush-tailed wallaby and the red-necked pademelon live in other parts of Australia.’