Meaning of whiskered in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɪskəd/


See whisker

‘For most of his career, the 69-year-old stage and TV actor has specialised in playing older character parts - more often than not the kind of fearsomely whiskered old coves who look like they'd be pretty handy with a blunderbuss.’
  • ‘Occasionally I would be rewarded with a wee, twitching, whiskered snout poking out of the little yellow house.’
  • ‘Rivalling the film's spectacular scenery for radiant, wintry beauty, Nicole Kidman plays Ada, pitching up in the town of Cold Mountain with her preacher pappy - a white whiskered Donald Sutherland.’
  • ‘The endearing Eastern Barred Bandicoot is a small animal characterised by a slender, elongated head tapering to a pink nose and well whiskered muzzle.’
  • ‘When a white van with two more whiskered men pulled up to the huddle, Sergeant Tommy Wright stepped out of his gold Ford Explorer.’