Meaning of whiskered bat in English:

whiskered bat


  • A small brown myotis bat native to Eurasia.

    Genus Myotis, family Vespertilionidae: several species, in particular the common and widespread M. mystacinus

    • ‘Like all other bat species, whiskered bats are threatened by the loss or disturbance of roost sites.’
    • ‘The whiskered bat is a small species and is easily confused with the pipistrelles when seen in the night sky.’
    • ‘Since in hibernation sites, netting and findings whiskered bats are almost never found in Lithuania, we could assume they where Brandt's bats.’
    • ‘The examination of the Threave Estate has found five types of bat, including evidence of the whiskered bats never previously found on NTS property.’
    • ‘Brandt's bats are very similar in appearance to whiskered bats.’