Meaning of whisky jack in English:

whisky jack


North American
another term for grey jay
  • ‘There is a downy woodpecker on one of the birdfeeders and whisky jacks darting across the frosty boughs.’
  • ‘In camp, entertainment by chipmunks, red squirrels, whisky jacks, and snowshoe hares will keep you chuckling.’
  • ‘Chimpanzees and whisky jacks share the habit of assembling jumbles of trash.’
  • ‘Moose, elks, black bears, wolves, pumas, groundhogs, squirrels, beavers, whisky jacks, sandhill cranes, ravens and bald eagles are seen frequently.’


Mid 18th century alteration of whisky john, another term for the bird, from Cree wiskacan.