Meaning of whispering campaign in English:

whispering campaign


  • A systematic circulation of a rumour, typically in order to damage someone's reputation.

    ‘his predecessor led a whispering campaign against him’
    • ‘The whispering campaign blamed him for damaging the company's relationship with the big brass at the MoD.’
    • ‘The newspaper story crystallised a whispering campaign against him which seems to have scared off club chairmen who would otherwise find his track record irresistible.’
    • ‘A long-serving Lib Dem MP, a colleague of Kennedy's for some two decades, said the build-up of rumours bore all the hallmarks of a whispering campaign.’
    • ‘Without proof, you damage the whole sport by adding to such a whispering campaign.’
    • ‘The sisters complained of a whispering campaign against them in recent weeks, followed by a smear campaign saying political string-pullers were behind them.’
    • ‘In her interview for this programme, she says hostile briefings and whispering campaigns started against her just a few months after she had taken up the job and before she had completed her first inquiry into Peter Mandelson.’
    • ‘In the playground they start whispering campaigns about other girls; in the workplace they start whispering campaigns about other women.’
    • ‘In past centuries, people used handwritten screeds and whispering campaigns to bring down their enemies.’
    • ‘Radcliffe has done her part to combat such whispering campaigns.’
    • ‘That's hardly shocking - this is politics, after all - but she's convinced there's a whispering campaign against her surrounding her departure from the Tremblay administration.’
    • ‘Officially, nobody knows who instigated the 2002 whispering campaign against Ron Howard's classic, A Beautiful Mind.’
    • ‘There has been a whispering campaign about where the money is coming from but Marr is unconcerned.’
    • ‘A whispering campaign is taking place within the ranks of the party which seeks to undermine his position so that if, as expected, the party fails to perform well at next year's election, his rivals can move in to replace him.’
    • ‘Despite being unnamed and cleared, a whispering campaign has circled around this Minister since Lynn's allegations, and it probably won't go away from some quarters.’
    • ‘The defeated incumbent had to endure an appalling whispering campaign, based on her sex and her combined ethnicities.’
    • ‘Although he stayed in his job for three months after the draw in order to allow time for a replacement to be found, the initial goodwill gave way to a whispering campaign that labelled him greedy for not halting work immediately.’
    • ‘Last week, Speaker Michael Martin demanded that Elizabeth Filkin - the outgoing commissioner - provide proof of the whispering campaign against her.’
    • ‘Instead, he said the leader, who is now the subject of a whispering campaign, should have fought an aggressive, emotional election contest with Scottish independence at its heart.’
    • ‘A whispering campaign was conducted partly through ministers' own mouths and partly through intermediaries to spread rumours about McConnell's private life.’
    • ‘And what I'm betting is that we're going to see here in the last couple of weeks a whispering campaign against her.’
    tittle-tattle, tattle, rumour, rumours, whispers, stories, tales, canards, titbits


whispering campaign