Meaning of whispery in English:



See whisper

  • ‘Stina Nordenstam doesn't play live, barely does interviews, generally resists being photographed and sings in a small, whispery voice that sounds as if it's escaping between bouts of sobbing.’
  • ‘At Bangalore, there are moments when Knopfler's guttural whispery vocals, particularly when the score demands a softer tone, seem to be drowned out by the percussion and strings.’
  • ‘Lead guitar and vocalist Andrew Kenny, has a relaxed and often whispery quality on the mic that is a perfect compliment to AMS's sound.’
  • ‘Live Earlimart had layers of swirly, feedbacky sound along with their trademark whispery vocals-made for a really intense, compelling performance.’
  • ‘The title track is a rhythmic ballad suitable for singing along to, and the rest of the album is an invitation to explore his whispery lyrics and classic instruments.’