Meaning of whistle-blowing in English:


noun & adjective

See whistle-blower

  • ‘The strategy incorporates new policies to govern fraud, corruption and whistle-blowing in the city.’
  • ‘Then another Commission official was forced out for whistle-blowing on budget fiddles.’
  • ‘The court decided that the whistle-blowing was O.K. because it potentially saved lives, but the testimony crossed the line.’
  • ‘A self-described spokesperson for the unidentified students said Friday that they are worried about backlash for their whistle-blowing, but continue to stand behind the decision.’
  • ‘With Goodman as our host, we study the latest horror, then share stories about what we the people are doing to rectify it, from demonstrating to whistle-blowing to promoting sustainable ways to live on the planet.’
  • ‘Nevertheless, the visitors, like York, were not playing particularly well - though neither side were aided by some fussy refereeing by Mike Dawber, whose whistle-blowing often added to the disruption.’
  • ‘She claims constructive dismissal and victimisation for whistle-blowing against the Prison Service.’
  • ‘Bodies is a complex drama that dares to go where no other medical dramas have ventured - into the culture of malpractice, whistle-blowing, cover-ups, star-ratings and government targets.’
  • ‘Compare Karen Silkwood with Coleen Rowley [of the FBI], for instance, whose whistle-blowing is consistent with the way that she has lived her entire life.’
  • ‘A consultant's secretary who said she had been victimised for whistle-blowing over alleged poor standards of care has been awarded a fraction of the £200,000 compensation she had claimed.’
  • ‘In this setting justified whistle-blowing would be welcomed by institutions.’
  • ‘He said there would be a number of exemptions, including whistle-blowing, information given to members of the Oireachtas and information from Garda representative associations.’
  • ‘But I think we have to encourage whistle-blowing.’
  • ‘Although the three women on the cover of Time Magazine were not bloggers, the women using blogging tools are doing a variation on daily whistle-blowing as they blog.’
  • ‘When considering whistle-blowing, both nonunion and union nurses must consider how serious they perceive the harm is for their patients.’
  • ‘And there would be the inevitable attacks on my motives and credibility that accompany almost every act of whistle-blowing.’
  • ‘Posting excerpts of a newspaper article that alleged a municipal employee had been fired for whistle-blowing.’
  • ‘Introducing the duty of whistle-blowing will significantly alter the roles these professionals are expected to perform.’
  • ‘If it hadn't been for his whistle-blowing - and the Scottish parliament which gave him the whistle - then we might never have known about this scandal.’