Meaning of whistling kettle in English:

whistling kettle


  • A kettle fitted with a spout that whistles as steam is forced through it when the kettle is boiling.

    • ‘It is like a whistling kettle placed on a stove to boil.’
    • ‘I ran down the stairs to refill my tea from the whistling kettle on the stove.’
    • ‘We progress through days of calms, settling down into the sea's rhythm, ignoring the whistling kettle, the glow of the paraffin light in the saloon, or the biting cold.’
    • ‘One put the grill on, one filled the whistling kettle, one rinsed the teapot in hot water, and one poured milk into a jug.’
    • ‘The whistling kettle the only thing creating a sound in the still quietness of the emptiness that surrounded me.’