Meaning of whistling swan in English:

whistling swan


  • A bird of the North American race of the tundra swan, breeding in northern Canada and overwintering on the coasts of the US.

    Cygnus columbianus columbianus, family Anatidae

    ‘Waterfowl that can be found here include Canada goose, yellow-billed loon, arctic loon, red-throated loon, tundra swan, whistling swan, snow goose, oldsquaw duck and sea ducks.’
    • ‘The law protects the whistling swans in their winter homes.’
    • ‘Along the stream headed towards Nagano, there is an area where whistling swans have recently been making their stopovers.’
    • ‘The endangered whooping cranes occasionally visit the river during migration, and sandhill cranes and whistling swans are common.’
    • ‘On this morning, about 150 of the swans, also called whistling swans, were swimming in the center of one of the largest bogs as a bald eagle circled overhead.’