Meaning of white-eye in English:



  • A small Old World songbird with a ring of white feathers around the eye.

    Family Zosteropidae: several genera, in particular Zosterops, and numerous species

    ‘We deal with everything from the smallest white-eye to a black vulture, from hedgehogs to jackals.’
    • ‘Their destruction and subsequent conversion into layouts sounded the death knell for the loras, white-eyes, garblers and fly-catchers.’
    • ‘Two were doves, two were swiftlets, one was a honeyeater, one was a white-eye.’
    • ‘We proposed on October 3 to list the Rota bridled white-eye, a small forest bird with a distinctive ring of white feathers around its eyes, as an endangered species.’
    • ‘Found in the Mariana archipelago of the western Pacific, the Rota bridled white-eye exists only on the island of Rota in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.’