Significado de white-tailed deer en en Inglés

white-tailed deer

(Norteamericano whitetail)


  • A reddish to greyish American deer with white on the belly and the underside of the tail.

    Odocoileus virginianus, family Cervidae

    ‘I've taken an even dozen whitetail and mule deer bucks at ranges from 20 meters to a full 80, all of which were one-shot kills.’
    • ‘Cattle, sheep, and goats can thrive on actively managed landscapes, as can pronghorn antelope and whitetail deer.’
    • ‘There should be whitetail and mule deer in abundance, and this is the most likely place to spot a golden eagle.’
    • ‘Studies have shown that 95 percent of adult female deer ticks feed on whitetails.’
    • ‘Unlike their European counterparts, American wildlife managers generally recommend feeding whitetails only during severe winters or prolonged droughts.’
    • ‘Point out that whitetail deer and elk populations are exploding and we respond that mule deer hunting isn't like it was.’
    • ‘In Brent Albritton, the antlered head of a whitetail deer serves as a bucket, complete with pelt-covered handle.’
    • ‘Native Americans hunted whitetail deer for colonists or offered food to them in exchange for manufactured goods from Europe.’
    • ‘Of the 38 deer species worldwide, the whitetail in the East and mule deer in the West are the two that cause the most problems for American gardeners.’
    • ‘Texas has youth-only autumn hunting seasons (usually a weekend) for squirrel, whitetail deer, Rio Grande turkey and waterfowl.’