Meaning of white-toothed shrew in English:

white-toothed shrew


  • An aggressive shrew with white teeth, native to Eurasia and Africa.

    Genus Crocidura, family Soricidae: numerous species. The pygmy white-toothed shrew (C. etruscus) is the smallest known terrestrial mammal

    ‘This species is one of the commonest of the white-toothed shrews in western Europe.’
    • ‘The lesser white-toothed shrew is found on the Isles of Scilly, Jersey and Sark, whilst the greater lives on Alderney, Guernsey and Herm.’
    • ‘Lesser white-toothed shrews are much more social than other shrew species and often share the same nest with other adult shrews.’
    • ‘Bicolored white-toothed shrews are 93-125 mm long and weigh 7-13 g.’
    • ‘Shrews are notoriously small, (the pygmy white-toothed shrew is the smallest extant mammal weighing a mere 2-3 grams at adult weight).’