Meaning of white admiral in English:

white admiral


  • A butterfly which has dark brown wings bearing a broad white band.

    Subfamily Limenitinae, family Nymphalidae: several genera, in particular Ladoga (including the European L. camilla) and Basilarchia (American species)

    • ‘The Butterfly House is under a tent in the summer where the white admiral butterfly reigns as Quebec's official insect.’
    • ‘The white admiral feeds on flower nectar, the juice of overripe fruit and the sap of damaged trees.’
    • ‘It is likely that over the next few years we may see white admirals returning to some of their old Essex haunts.’
    • ‘The white admirals flip their blue-black wings with the broad white epaulettes up and down the road in numbers.’
    • ‘There, a friend showed me a shady river bed where literally dozens of southern white admirals were drinking.’