Meaning of white balance in English:

white balance


  • The colour balance on a digital camera.

    • ‘The automatic settings detect the white balance (colour of dominant lighting in a scene) very well, producing very pleasing skin tones and natural hues.’
    • ‘On the seabed, I adjusted the video camera's white balance, checked that the lights worked and set off in search of my model.’
    • ‘So remember to check the white balance on your camcorder.’
    • ‘Checking your white balance is okay if you've got a colour viewfinder but you'll need to wire the camera into a TV if you haven't.’
    • ‘Image quality is good but with a couple of reservations: there's a lot of red and blue pixel fringing at the extremes of the images, otherwise, white balance, colour, spectral highlights and detail are all good.’
    • ‘He approaches the camera after it took the crew 10 minutes to do a white balance, gleefully saying, ‘I thought you guys were pros.’’
    • ‘Another nice enhancement to the camera is the ability to change the white balance - surely one of the best things about digital photography and a rare feature on a camera phone up to now.’
    • ‘The white balance is a little off, resulting in burnt-out whites, and the field of focus - it's a fixed-focus camera - is a bit limiting, but other than that the photographs are clear, sharp and nicely saturated.’
    • ‘So what do you do if you spend hours creating your culinary masterpiece, but you just can't get the white balance right?’
    • ‘The advantages of digital become clearer when you use raw files to adjust your exposure and white balance on a big screen.’