Meaning of white bass in English:

white bass


  • A North American freshwater bass with dark horizontal stripes.

    Morone chrysops, family Moronidae

    • ‘For most freshwater work - black bass, crappie, white bass, sunfish - a 6-inch blade works fine.’
    • ‘Most hybrid striped bass that consumers purchase are a cross between female white bass and male striped bass.’
    • ‘Other options such as white bass, crappie and channel catfish are available, but the ubiquitous sunfish is the most widespread and plentiful.’
    • ‘The white bass are on their annual spawning migration out of torpid Toledo Bend and into the living, breathing Sabine River.’
    • ‘I remember tales of two or three men catching hundreds of white bass from Lake Livingston or its tributaries, depending on the time of year, in a morning or afternoon.’