Meaning of white bat in English:

white bat


  • A bat with white fur found mainly in Central America.

    Genus Diclidurus, family Emballonuridae (four species, in particular D. virgo, also called and ghost bat and ); and Ectophylla alba (family Phyllostomidae)

    • ‘Like other tent-roosting bats, Honduran white bats are fruit eaters and live in tropical forests.’
    • ‘The white bat does not have wing sacs unlike the other members of Emballonuridae family.’
    • ‘With an average length of 3.7-4.7 cm, Honduran white bats are tiny for a bat.’
    • ‘The Honduran white bat is snow white with a yellow nose and ears.’
    • ‘They will be joined by other night feeders - the many species of bats that live here, including funnel-eared, wrinkle-faced, and white bats.’