Meaning of white belt in English:

white belt


  • 1A white belt worn by a beginner in judo or karate.

    • ‘And one must not forget the half dozen individuals who have trained with us regularly for several years and still wear white belts, thanks to our ‘no grading’ policy.’
    • ‘The protégé of Bruce Lee and a black belt in many martial arts, he is always the first to tie on a white belt and try something that he is not good at.’
    • ‘At first of course, I had a white belt, and when I attained a higher grade, I took it home and dyed it.’
    • ‘For the first three grades students wore a white belt or sash, while for the next three grades he wore brown.’
    • ‘Inside, people trickled onto a long, white canvas mat dressed in white gis (traditional martial arts uniforms) and white belts.’
    1. 1.1A person wearing a white belt.
      • ‘Group 1 consists of white belts that have just started Judo training or have been in training for no more than one month.’
      • ‘There were evenings when we had only black belts; white belts would come in, but they would usually drop right out.’
      • ‘As a white belt (starting over in a new Shorin Ryu style of karate), I am not in the position to do that kind of thing.’
      • ‘Instructor Michael Snelders said: ‘I remember him as an eight-year-old white belt and it's tremendous to see how he has realised his potential.’’