Meaning of white blindfold in English:

white blindfold


derogatory Australian, New Zealand
  • A view of Australian history that emphasizes the achievements of white society and ignores issues such as the dispossession and ill-treatment of Aboriginal people.

    Compare with black armband (sense 2)

    • ‘white blindfold historians’
    • ‘They seem much happier denouncing past historians for being less enlightened than themselves, or damning "white blindfolds", right-wing commentators, brave white pioneer myths and the like.’
    • ‘Some are emboldened to join in defending it against what they describe as black-armband history, by espousing a white blindfold version.’
    • ‘The conference was the most direct confrontation to date between the "Black Armband" and "White Blindfold" camps of Australian history.’
    • ‘While his is the sole contribution representing the "White Blindfold" perspective, many of the other papers respond to the political significance of his challenge, now escalating to include the contents of the national museum itself.’
    • ‘Rather a black armband than a white blindfold to shut out the truth.’
    • ‘This history warrior, who has connections with those who have been called 'white blindfold historians', has entered the fray by doing some tabloid history.’
    • ‘I'll take the black armband view of history before the white blindfold one any time.’
    • ‘These revisions attempted to mark a return to the white blindfold school of history.’
    • ‘He preferred to return to the colonial 'white blindfold' view of Australian history.’
    • ‘Some historians have described his interpretation as a “white blindfold” view of Australian history.’