Meaning of white book in English:

white book


  • 1A book of rules, standards, or records, especially an official government report, bound in white.

    • ‘Apart from these main elements of the formal integration of Europe, there have naturally been other major breakthroughs, e.g. in the form of proposals and reports, or so-called ‘white books ', which have influenced the development.’
    • ‘In 1992 he refused the request made by the State Secretariat to edit the white book on the controversial Sept.30, 1965 movement.’
    • ‘If you go to the white book which has been filed here and go right to the last page, which is the fourth last page of that white book, this talks about the assistance that was given and I do not need to take your Honours to that.’
    • ‘The department yesterday refuted Stofile's claims before a standing committee on health where their operational plan and provincial white book show that they have budgeted more than R231 million for hospital maintenance this year.’
    • ‘Here also I am a little bit surprised to see so much noise about privatisation and I hope that all of you will read now carefully line by line, this white book, will see that the word ‘privatisation’ is nowhere.’
    1. 1.1White BookLaw (in England and Wales) a book setting out the rules of practice and procedure in the Supreme Court.