Meaning of white boy in English:

white boy


  • 1historical In plural Usually as one word and with capital initial(s). The members of an agrarian protest organization active in Ireland in 1761–5 and again in 1769–75, whose chief grievances were the enclosure of land, extortionate leases and tithes, and the encroachment of livestock on tillage. Also in extended use: a rebellious or riotous group. Compare Rightboys and whitefoot .

  • 2Originally and chiefly in African-American usage: (a derogatory term for) a white male. Also as a contemptuous form of address. Frequently attributive designating music, fashion, etc., viewed as appropriated from black culture by white males, often with the implication of a consequent reduction in quality or authenticity.


Early 17th century (in an earlier sense). From white + boy.


white boy

/ˈwʌɪt ˌbɔɪ/